Boost Your Power Potential

Boost Your Power Potential

Get an electrical panel upgrade in Titusville, Melbourne, & Rockledge, FL

Your home's ability to power everyday appliances and devices relies on the performance of your electrical panel. Make sure your home is equipped to handle your energy demands now and in the future. Turn to Lowe Electric LLC for a professional electrical panel upgrade in Titusville, Melbourne, Rockledge, FL, and surrounding areas.

As you add more and more devices and appliances in your home, older electrical panels with 150 amps or less will struggle to keep up. An electrical panel upgrade is a simple and effective way to future-proof your home.

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How can you tell your electrical panel needs repairs?

Interacting directly with your electrical panel can be dangerous for homeowners without experience. But there are easier ways to find out if your electrical panel is damaged or struggling with the workload. Contact us right away for electrical panel repair if...

  • Your lights are flickering often
  • You've noticed a burning smell coming from your panel
  • You've upgraded to new power-hungry appliances
  • The panel is warm to the touch
  • Your breakers are tripping frequently
  • Your outlets aren't working

A damaged electrical panel can easily become hot enough to start fires. We'll assess the state of your electrical panel to suggest repairs or replacement. Reach out to us today to see if electrical panel repair is right for you.