Need Commercial or Industrial Electrical Services?

Need Commercial or Industrial Electrical Services?

Hire a trusted commercial electrician in Titusville, Melbourne, & Rockledge, FL

The electrical demands of a commercial or industrial property are much more intense than your average home. Is your business paying way more than it should for an inefficient and outdated electrical system? Lowe Electric LLC is a local commercial electrician you can trust. We perform repairs, replacements and installations in Titusville, Melbourne, & Rockledge, FL.

Hire a commercial or industrial electrician to improve your energy efficiency and keep everything up to local, state and federal code. We can also automate systems to improve your productivity and workflow.

Call our local commercial and industrial electrician today to set up an appointment today 321-289-6189

How can we improve your commercial or industrial electrical system?

Whether your business deals with computers or heavy machinery, an efficient and reliable electrical system is vital. Reach out to your local commercial electrician for:

  • Dedicated circuit repair
  • Computer cabling
  • Copier power work
  • Security or emergency lighting installation
  • HVAC wiring
  • Parking lot lighting installation
  • Panel repair and installation
  • Building automation
  • Motor replacement
  • Fire alarm upgrades
  • Cabling wiring

Lowe Electric LLC will inspect your entire electrical system to improve efficiency and boost output. Speak with us today to discuss your company's electrical needs in Titusville, Melbourne, & Rockledge, FL.